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Multitasking, Meltdowns + Last Minute Madness?  Executive Function Skills to the Rescue.

Andrea Pitman, Executive Director and Founder of The Nectar Group

Executive Function skills are important throughout all stages of life. They help students develop team work, leadership, time management and prioritization, along with allowing them to follow multiple step instructions, think critically and adapt to change. No one is born with executive function skills but we are born with a capacity to develop these important skills. Development of EF skills is a multi-pronged approach for all students but especially those with disorders that impact learning such as ADHD or other learning challenges. In this Parent Workshop, you will learn

  • What executive functioning is and why it matters for school, work, and life
  • Root causes for executive function weaknesses
  • Options for improving executive function through treatment
  • How to help your student with executive function challenges at home, in school, and with remote learning

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020 6:30pm

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