Belleview Elementary Parent Teacher Community Organization


Our mission is to provide financial and volunteer resources to enhance the learning environment for the entire student body at Belleview Elementary School and to serve as a collaborative and trusted partner in the Belleview community through ongoing communication and engagement.


 What Do We Do.....

  1. The PTCO is responsible for raising funds that directly impact the entire student body
  2. The PTCO is responsible for providing volunteers to support the staff and successfully execute programs and events
  3. The PTCO is responsible for planning community events that increase engagement with all families in the community
  4. The PTCO is responsible for providing reliable communication that includes updates on fundraising, programs and events 

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  • Co-President - Sara Morris
  • Co-President Karen Niebrugge
  • Co-President Elect - Katie Alexander
  • Co-President Elect - Stephanie Stein
  • VP Communications - Sara Lowe
  • VP Fundraising  - Kendra Burrell 
  • VP Community Outreach - Janice Ramirez
  • VP Community Programs - Nichole Daranouvong
  • Treasurer - Anne LaPoint
  • Co-Treasurer Elect - Stephanie Geller
  • Co-Treasurer Elect - Julie Holt
  • Recording Secretary - Sarah Pauly
  • Parlimentarian - Renee Cohen 
  • Principal - Ty Muma


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