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The Every Dollar Counts Campaign


Every Family...Every Student...Every Dollar Counts!


Belleview students are COUNTing on you!


The PTCO has received a generous $1,500 campaign match, but we need your help to unlock it.  For every donor that makes a donation of any size, we will receive $10 from our sponsor, the 

Billy Van Heusen Team. 

Help us reach 150 donors to unlock this generous gift!


Each year, Belleview’s PTCO invests nearly $100,000 to enhance 

the learning environment at our school.  

These funds cover the cost of items excluded from the district’s budget for Belleview, such as Teacher Assistant salaries, subscriptions for online learning, books for classroom libraries, and new iPads and Chromebooks for classroom use. 


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 We are so grateful to the Billy Van Heusen Team for investing in our students, and hope you will join our effort by contributing to the campaign today.


*Donations are tax deductible and 100% of funds raised serves students at Belleview